Jsconfig Affiliates Program

Jsconfig aims to become the one-stop destination for frontend engineers, whether they are freshers or intermediate learners. We offer the best affordable live classes, and our instructors have over 10 years of experience in frontend development.

Our comprehensive learning platform designed for frontend developers and engineers. If you’ve landed on this page, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer an affiliate program, aimed at fostering mutual growth. By joining forces with us, you’ll receive a generous share of profits when you successfully sell our courses. But that’s not all – we also extend a 10% discount to your users who access our platform through your unique referral link.

Partner with Jsconfig through our Affiliates Program & Earn Commision

Are you passionate about web development tools and resources? Join our Affiliates Program at Jsconfig and start earning commission today!

As a Jsconfig affiliate, you’ll have access to:

✨ Competitive commission rates

✨ High-converting promotional materials

✨ Dedicated support from our team

Our Commission Sharing Guidelines

We share a 10% commission on all courses, with a minimum commission of £30 per course sale.

Furthermore, we provide a 10% discount to users who visit via your unique link. For instance, if a course costs £199, your user will receive a 10% discount, paying only £179.10. You will then receive a 10% commission based on the discounted sale amount (£179.10), with a guaranteed minimum commission of £30 per course sale.

Payments are directly deposited to your bank account on a weekly basis.

For any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to our official Twitter or WhatsApp accounts.

How to Become Our Affiliate

Till now, we are invite-only because we prioritise quality and limit the number of affiliates promoting us. However, we have recently begun accepting applications via email. If you have a substantial following on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., or if you run a personal blog, you can reach out to us via our contact page. We will then create your account and provide you with a unique referral link to share with your audience.

Your unique link will remain active for up to 3 months. This means that if a user lands on our website using your unique link and purchases a course anytime within those 3 months, it will be counted as your referral. You will then be awarded a commission for any sales made by that user. To facilitate this, we will save your referral link in a cookie, ensuring accurate tracking for the duration of 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions :

For any queries or the fastest support, feel free to contact us via email or our contact form.