Why ReactJS ?

If you’re aspiring to become a frontend or full-stack developer, consider the insights from our recent market research. ReactJS emerges as a pivotal technology for both your personal growth and the success of new businesses. Its capability to efficiently handle large frontends positions it as a key asset in today’s and future markets.

The UK boasts a vibrant tech industry with numerous opportunities for ReactJS developers, making it an ideal place to kickstart or advance your career in frontend development. Learning ReactJS in the UK means you have access to top-tier instructors and mentors who are full-time developers in leading UK-based companies, offering invaluable real-world insights and expertise.

ReactJS Live Classes

Our ReactJS course in the UK is specifically designed to address the needs of the local tech industry. We focus on teaching the most relevant skills and technologies that are in high demand among employers in the region. Our mission is to provide these valuable learning opportunities at affordable rates, ensuring that aspiring developers have access to quality education without financial barriers.

We compared different UI libraries and frameworks and chose ReactJS.
Popularity & Community SupportWidely adopted, backed by Facebook. Strong community support.Developed and maintained by Google. Dedicated community.Rapidly growing in popularity. Supportive community.
Learning CurveRelatively shallow, especially for JavaScript developers.Steeper due to comprehensive framework and two-way data binding.Easiest to learn, with straightforward syntax.
ArchitectureComponent-based, emphasizes reusability.MVC architecture, focuses on two-way data binding.Component-based, flexible and simple.
PerformanceHigh performance, efficient for large-scale applications.Good performance, two-way data binding may impact performance in complex apps.Excellent performance, smaller bundle size suitable for lightweight apps.
Flexibility & ExtensibilityHighly flexible, integrates seamlessly with other libraries.Comprehensive out-of-the-box solution, may be less flexible.Flexible, integrates well with existing projects.
Community & EcosystemLarge and active community, vast ecosystem of libraries (e.g., Redux).Established community, wide range of official and third-party libraries.Growing community, rich ecosystem of plugins (e.g., Vuex, Vue Router).

Not only did we consider the data above, but we also analyzed the number of job listings on job searching sites like Indeed and LinkedIn specifically in the UK. Additionally, we compared the average salaries among these three frameworks within the UK job market.

Salary ranges for frontend developers in the UK
React : £35,000 ~ £75,000 pa
Angular : £30,000 ~ £70,000 pa
VuE : £30,000 ~ £65,000 pa

Depending on experience, location, and specific job requirements.

After analyzing various ReactJS schools and bootcamps in the UK, we observed that many of them prioritize selling their courses rather than focusing on a comprehensive development path. Additionally, the average price for these courses tends to be around £2000 or more. As a result of our market research, we have decided to offer an affordable alternative starting from 149£. Our goal is to provide students with a cost-effective learning solution that emphasizes practical skills and ensures they can easily secure placements in UK companies. With our approach, students can pursue their learning journey without worrying about investing a significant amount of money upfront.

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